• We’re coming to SXSWedu 2017!!

    EdTech Japan will be coming to showcase great companies

    and services from Japan at SXSWedu 2017 EXPO.
    This is our 3rd year to attend EXPO, and we’ve doubled the size of the booth this year!
    Here is the list of our exhibitors.


    "STEM JAPAN Tour" is planned to inspire educators, Change Makers of tomorrow's education through life change WAKU-WAKU experiences by visiting JAPAN.
    SEE and DISCOVER THE WORLD through your eyes! - Meet, greet, get some unique tips and output your new ideas such as new curriculum or business! We want to excite educators by bringing them face to face experiences at the world’s leading Japanese educational organizations (ex. schools, companies and events) across a broad range of STEM fields.

    Orchestrate your class with schoolTakt. Realtime LMS with interactive whiteboard on any device and OS.

    codeTakt develops educational platforms to encourage active learning for all ages. Our main service is schoolTakt, a web-based LMS that allows teachers to observe student’s work and progress in real time. With extensive compatibility (including BYOD), schoolTakt can be used on any browser running on most OS in any tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer, or other smart device. Teachers can easily distribute assignments and classroom materials on their screen to their students in no time. By providing clear analysis and display of each student’s progress, schoolTakt enables teachers to focus on class preparation and where students need most help.

    GLICODE Programming with Pocky!!

    GLICODE is a fun and educational mobile app that turns candy into code. It allows kids as young as 6 to learn the three fundamentals of programming - sequences, loops and conditionality.

    Physical objects help younger children learn more intuitively, so we turned the popular snack Pocky into a new visual language that any child can understand. Simply lay out your Pocky sequence, capture it with your phone’s camera and hit the play button to see it executed and control the game’s character. If you get it right you can eat your delicious code and move onto the next level!


    The first programming learning kit for kids

    PETS is an intuitive, physical experience-based programming learning kit. Kids can program its movement by inserting tangible command blocks into the top of PETS.


    PETS doesn’t require any PC or tablet. Kids can touch the command, move the object, and learn the basic of the programming. All you need to program PETS movement is the wooden blocks which fit to the top holes of PETS.


    PETS is suitable as the first step in learning to program and developing computational thinking, even before the visual programming.

    Eduvation = Education * innovation

    The Place of challenge and learning to produce future educational innovator

    Eduvation Hub is the incubation program focused on the education domain.

    We supports the innovator who is going to revolutionize education and learning.

    Not to mention an entrepreneur, we supports a social entrepreneur, teacher of the school, an entrepreneur in the big educational company, Academic activist.

    Through a program period of 3 months, we offer below services to them.

    1. Mentoring from senior innovator

    2. Co-working space

    3. Monthly Seminar for business promotion

    4. Funding opportunity

    The target area is the whole area of Asia, we energize as an incubator of the Asia's first education domain focus.

    MOZER - online SNS for coding education

    Life is Tech operates one of the largest coding and technology camps/schools for teenagers in Asia, with over 20,000 students in Japan, Singapore and Australia.

    Our online platform, MOZER, is developed to deal with the regional and economic challenges of coding education and to drive enthusiasm among today’s youth.


    MOZER https://en.mozer.io


    Life is Tech is finding potential business partners and investors, building network with media, and promoting its new online platform, MOZER in the US market. MOZER mainly has three products; online, classroom, and platform each is meant for personal users, in-class usage, and business partners who want to build unique community.


    Free to Create, Free to Teach

    There are a lot of technologies available now for educators to use in their classrooms. But these technologies shouldn’t decide how teachers teach. Really, it should be the other way around.


    Finger Board is an app which enables teachers to build more imaginative and engaging learning activities with just the touch of a finger.


    Finger Board works very simply. You can create class/home activities with Finger Board Pro, and share them with your students online. Students can open the files with Finger Board for Students and begin learning right away.


    Let's create NEW LEARNER EXPERIENCES with Finger Board!

    Learning SNS “Studyplus"

    Studyplus is a free learning management movile application which also offers SNS features and various process visualisation.

    We are proud to be used by the most high school students in Japan as a study management application to keep getting motivated. Friends do wonders!

    We also have a service "Studyplus for school", on top of Studyplus.

    It allows teachers to track their pupils' progresses and plan ahead on behalf of them.

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